We believe that the best way to achieve positive ends is through positive means, such as the arts, culturally conscious education, the open exchange of ideas, grassroots-capacity building, and cross-cultural programs.

We work with well-established as well as smaller organizations, including programs within the Asian diaspora communities. Smaller, grassroots organizations often offer unique insight into issues and have the inspiration and determination to carry out groundbreaking initiatives, but may lack the resources to carry them out. Such organizations can also utilize funds in an efficient and cost-effective way, thereby affecting immediate development that can be delivered in a shorter time-span and be both measurable and tangible.

We strive to work efficiently and avoid high administrative costs. We do this by working with leading experts in various fields and partnering with other organizations on an as-needed basis. Their experience and expertise enables our small management team to stay current on emerging issues and helps ensure that our efforts are being directed where we can have the highest positive impact.