Every society today faces the fundamental challenge of creating social, political, and economic systems that provide prosperity and a secure environment while also promoting and upholding peace and human dignity. Nowhere is this challenge greater and more important than in Asia, home to 60 percent of the earth’s population.

Rich in culture, opportunity, and creativity, with a dramatic influx of capitalism, Asia has become a powerful force in 21st century global affairs, poised to make immense contributions to quality of life across the globe. Yet, this vast region also faces extraordinary challenges: where there is great potential for development, there is also a substantial risk of turmoil; where there is privilege, there is marginalization; where some enjoy freedoms, others are denied basic rights and the opportunity for advancement.

The Asia Vision Foundation seeks to help Asia not only overcome its current challenges, but to develop long-term health through strong civil societies, greater freedom of information, and increased protection of people’s rights. With this, we envision a future where Asia can realize its potential in the international community in positive and peaceful ways. Additionally, by sharing the beauty and depth of Asian culture with the West we can improve cross-cultural understanding, encourage more constructive engagement models, and advance the dignity of people and cultures on all sides.

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