The Asia Vision Foundation's funding initiatives fall into four categories: Arts and Culture, Education, Media, and Human Dignity as they pertain to Asia and Asian culture.

We make grants to develop new ideas or strengthen organizations that share our mission and vision. This especially includes programs with efficient management teams and low administrative costs that stand to have great impact within our areas of focus. We support organizations that have a proven track record of accomplishment and commitment but lack funding for continued efforts and/or new project development. We also make specific efforts to find new and innovative projects as well as smaller, grassroots projects that would otherwise be unable to carry out their goals. These often require less funding but have enormous potential.

The Asia Vision Foundation only provides grants to 501(c)(3) organizations. We do not fund individuals, or organizations whose operations are government-run.

The Asia Vision Foundation sponsors and conducts workshops, forums, special events, and artistic functions. We also issue announcements and publications, as well as advise other institutions and charities that share our vision and mission. We draw on a collection of experts across diverse fields who advise our team on the direction of our work, assist with important research, and help guide our decision making process about project initiatives.

Organizations that are interested in applying for a grant should submit a brief inquiry letter. The letter should state the organization’s mission, vision and goals, as well as planned programs and activities for the applied grant. Organizations should only submit a full proposal upon the invitation of the Asia Vision Foundation.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at