Another of our core values is the belief that the open flow of information is crucial to cultural development and the promotion of freedom, social justice, and respect for human dignity. Independent media enables direct channels for intellectual cooperation and the sharing of ideas, and it is imperative for artistic expression and improved education.

With today’s technology, people have the potential to be better informed than at any time in history. Yet in nations under communist or authoritarian rule, gaining free access to information can be an enormous challenge. Elsewhere still, healthy independent media is hindered not by political forces, but by barriers to education and training resources. The lack of information and media freedom is often coupled with violations of human rights and oppression, and one of the key elements that allows continued human rights abuses and a progressive economy to coexist in some Asian countries is information blockage and news censorship.

We support independent media outlets, programs, and organizations that facilitate the free flow of information, as well as initiatives that break through Internet blockades to bring freedom of information to tens of millions of people every day throughout Asia.