One of our core values is the belief that education is at the heart of social development and cross-cultural understanding.

In order to help Asia develop and achieve its potential in a peaceful and constructive manner, we support projects that educate children and young people, create opportunities for women and girls, and provide training to journalists, legal professionals, development workers, and others. This will ultimately strengthen healthy and independent civil societies, enhance economic opportunities, and promote responsible development.

With the powerhouse emerging economies of China and India leading Asia to a position of new prominence in global affairs, it has become paramount that trading partners in the West gain an in-depth understanding of the diverse cultures and politics of Asia. In order to develop the intercultural skills necessary to navigate this complex landscape, the people and organizations engaging with Asia must gain a complete understanding of the past and present of the region and its people. Through programs and forums that enhance dialogue and build cross-cultural understanding, we aim to help bridge the gap between perception and reality, enabling the West to share in all that Asia has to offer while also protecting long-term interests of both the East and West.