The traditional arts of Asia, deeply imbued with spiritual meaning and rich histories, are unimaginably diverse. In many parts of Asia, however, traditional arts—the embodiment of a civilization’s history, culture, and values—have often been discouraged, systematically suppressed and even forbidden under colonialism, communism, and authoritarian governments, leaving some aspects of these cultural heritages lost. Yet the values expressed in these arts exemplify our shared humanity, helping people appreciate diversity, and at the same time reminding us of our highest ideals, which transcend barriers of geography, religion, ethnicity or socio-economic status. The arts are also an essential component of a healthy and stable society, contributing to the intellectual capital and economic vitality of communities.

We believe that artistic expression is crucial to building and preserving a society’s sense of identity. There is perhaps no better way to foster cross-cultural understanding, appreciation, and empathy than through the arts. Put another way, included in our values is the belief that the arts exist in the service of humanity and peace. By championing the revival of traditional Asian arts and culture through the sponsorship of artistic performances and exhibits, as well as educational programs, the Asia Vision Foundation envisions a better, richer life for us all.